We transform businesses and industries through blockchain technology.

Challenge - Uncertainty and Lack of Clarity

Blockchain is now finding applications in every industry and across the globe. While the technology has the potential to transform digitized business processes—making them more efficient, agile, secure, transparent, and cost-effective–many companies have more questions than answers. We can help.

Solution - Support in Every Stage

From initial strategy to proof of concepts (PoCs), production, and beyond, we help our clients harness the remarkable power of blockchain, improving the efficiency of processes and margins. Our team:

  • Analyzes and evaluates specific client needs
  • Issues recommendations regarding appropriate technologies and architectures for each project
  • Provides complete support from design to deployment and maintenance, creating scalable and decentralized systems

Specific Capabilities

Blockchain Networks

We implement private and consortium blockchain networks.

Smart Contracts

Unlike other companies, we develop contracts that are programmed for unbiased and transparent executions.

Token Design

We design tokens for the creation of decentralized economies.

DApps Development

By creating decentralized applications that interact with smart contracts directly–such as receiving or sending a funds transfer–we eliminate the need for intermediaries.

Asset Tokenization

We create tokens that correspond to real-world assets, increasing transparency in assets control and providing a high level of liquidity for transfers.

Supply Chain Traceability

We improve quality control and fraud detection, while reducing costs.

Next-Generation Financial Services

Blockchain’s revolutionary borderless environment is conducive to the creation of innovative financial models and international payment services.

Innovative Energy Models

When it comes to renewable energy, the separation between producer and consumer is increasingly blurred and decentralized systems significantly increase the capacity for energy trade between these agents.

Forwarding Advances in Blockchain

Our deep involvement in blockchain is evident in the:

  • Open forum we created, Sngular’s Blockchain Observatory, to promote information sharing and discussion
  • Events we organize with blockchain experts from leading companies
  • Content we publish on important blockchain initiatives