Artificial Intelligence

We help our clients harness the power of AI to create enhanced experiences and services.

Challenge – Using AI Effectively

Across all industries and organizational sizes, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming how work gets done and decisions are made, with machines driving a wide range of interactions and outcomes. While AI can greatly improve customer satisfaction, productivity, and cost savings, today’s data-abundant environments make it challenging for businesses to extract value and actually deliver better experiences and services.

Solution – Combining Practicality and Scalability

Our approach to helping clients harness the power of AI is highly practical and predicated on developing solutions that are both scalable and technically feasible. We believe that cognitive technology alone does not create competitive advantages, and should augment and amplify–not replace–human capabilities. Our solutions:

  • Utilize state-of-the-art techniques (including Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, and automated Machine Learning).
  • Leverage platform integration capabilities that can include IoT, eCommerce, and Virtual Reality.
  • Cover the range of human behavior, from learning and understanding to interaction and engagement.

Specific Capabilities

Cognitive Language

Our techniques and platforms enable the analysis, understanding, and generation of human languages to facilitate interfacing with machines in written and oral contexts.

MeaningCloud, our proprietary platform, facilitates Natural Language Processing, and additional capabilities include:

  • Semantic Computing
  • Sentiment and Text Analytics
  • Natural Language Generation

Cognitive Insights

We automate the extraction, analysis, and understanding of useful information from images, sounds, or text using Image Recognition, Video Analysis, and Audio Processing.

Specific applications include:

  • Conversation Analysis (Voice Of) – This intelligent system can understand natural language and extract insights in a conversational context on social media, corporate channels, and more.
  • “Intelligent” Content Creation – We enrich content to improve management and publication by applying AI to text and multimedia tagging, and advanced content search.
  • Knowledge Management. We analyze and process business intelligence, including tagging of business content, repository integration, semantic search, and optimization of knowledge value for R&D.

Cognitive Engagement

From answering customer queries to providing employee technical support, an increasing number of applications can facilitate personalized language- or image-based information and services, with minimum or no human involvement.

These solutions dramatically improve customer communication and experiences across all channels.

  • Chatbot Design and Development. According to specific client needs, we build virtual assistants that communicate with people, complete tasks within existing systems, leverage a deep understanding of natural speech across multiple languages, and are infused with personality.
  • Corex. Our proprietary platform enables us to create such virtual assistants at a fraction of the cost and time. Built with Corex, Sngular’s own virtual assistant, Alfred, helps employees complete time-consuming administrative tasks. The platform integrates seamlessly with NLU products such as Google’s DialogFlow, Microsoft’s LUIS, IBM’s Watson, or Amazon’s Alexa, and with channels like Facebook Messenger, Skype, Slack, Google Assistant, or Amazon Echo.

Sngular Creates Alfred, Our Virtual Employee

We funded and developed Alfred to help our staff with many time consuming tasks. Our chatbot:

  • Is proficient at such jobs as logging project hours, booking meeting rooms, and making travel reservations
  • Uses team and project management tools like Slack and Jira
  • Enabled learnings for development of the Corex framework–a turnkey bot solution with prebuilt tools, features, and coding abilities