Venture Investment

Sngular Ventures is responsible for funding, investing, launching and acquiring startups as part of our company’s broader innovation platform.

Our story

Sngular Ventures is responsible for funding, investing, launching and acquiring startups as part of our company’s broader innovation platform. Capitalizing on Sngular’s decades of entrepreneurial experience, this team foments open innovation using new technologies that drive transformation, entrepreneurship, organizational and cultural change, and connects startups with large companies to work together on strategies and ventures.

Sngular Ventures has invested in dozens of startups that use cutting edge technologies (for example, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Blockchain) in various industries, including:  MeaningCloud, Trecone Solutions, MytripleA, LolaMarket, Visualeo and CoolPaintrVR.  Sngular has also invested in spin-offs founded by its own employees (Frysbe), and various joint ventures with Sngular clients  like, for example, ICLANP and 39ytú, where Sngular became Central Leche Asturiana’s (a Spanish dairy conglomerate)  technology partner in launching this new personalized and macrobiotic nutrition app. Sngular has also invested in healthcare fund called HealthyTech and in various biomedical engineering projects, including: NIMGenetics (medical diagnostic using genetic testing), Enzymlogic (kinetic protein analysis) and Additum Blockchain (health optimization based on distributed value).

As part of its mission, Sngular Ventures also hosts events at Sngular’s Hubs providing a platform for new investment opportunities and connecting startups with potential investors. The team also regularly conducts investment forums to provide startups and investors with networking opportunities and give visibility to new entrepreneurs and projects.

Sngular Ventures also promotes Venture Building initiatives such as Telefonica’s Open Future program which has been supported by Sngular for many years in the regions of Andalucía and Extremadura (Spain).

Specific Capabilities


Offers web analytics and text mining solutions using Artificial Intelligence. Its cloud-based platform makes extracting meaning from all content, structured and unstructured, both simple and cost-effective.

treconeProvides mobile monitoring and analytics using open collaboration technology that collects customer intelligence from millions of mobile phones in various countries.

A free app popular with the younger generation that offers a more fun and friendly way of communicating via voice and chat.

An online grocery and delivery service where clients can choose their preferred supermarket and receive their groceries in an hour. So far, Lola Market is available in Spain’s largest cities, including Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Sevilla, Zaragoza, Bilbao and Málaga.
Sngular Venture Investment My Tryple A Logo
A Spanish crowdlending site that connects companies in need of financing with investors.
Sngular Venture Investment CoolPaintr Logo

This new game, exclusive for PlayStation®VR, lets you experience what painting in 3D feels like and literally “walk” around your artwork.


An app that allows you to request information on any product or property remotely and, thanks to Blockchain, have the guarantee that the report was executed out when you requested it.


We ensure quality solutions at each stage of development, integrating fully automated tests and using open source technologies. From the parts to the whole, everything is tested and retested to guarantee that they are meeting all objectives.