Innovation as a Service

We provide an innovation assembly line to accelerate product and technology development.

Challenge – Finding the Right Partner

As many companies lack dedicated innovation resources and task their teams with this endeavor, they recognize that most of the innovation happening in the world is taking place outside of their own four walls. Working with a partner as a de facto innovation team enables them to tap into new technologies and the best innovation talent.

Solution – A Robust Assembly Line

Together with our clients, Sngular creates an innovation team that enhances their product and technology development, serving as a complete assembly line to accelerate innovation time to market, improve revenue growth, reduce costs, and manage risks.

  • Our innovation experts include engineers, scientists, problem-solvers, and bold, inquisitive minds.
  • We provide early access to the latest trends and technologies, determining which are most valuable, and helping to design and build the highest impact pilots.
  • With a very practical approach, we establish concrete, mutually agreed upon goals, deliverables, and timelines.
  • Our innovation ecosystem leverages a wide range of methodologies, including: technology observatories; ideation sessions using creative problem solving and Design Thinking techniques; Service Design prototyping; Agile development of Minimum Viable Products (MVP); and concept validation.

Quarterly Innovation Cycle – From Discovery Through to Validation

Working hand in hand with key stakeholders to identify and prioritize business goals and company initiatives, we create a project plan with deliverables every 3-4 months. Following MVP validation and approval for launch, we together with our client define development and launch plans, from architecture to budget and operations. Sngular also offers an Innovation Learning Log, with a detailed inventory of all innovation initiatives and a recap of all processes, results, and learnings.

Specific Capabilities


1. In the discovery phase, we gather inspiration and insights, identifying user needs, and developing initial ideas.


2. Using creative problem solving and Design Thinking techniques, we develop new conceptual solutions for customers’ needs and ensure they align with business, operational, and technical objectives.


3. Throughout the entire development process, our team builds prototypes and works iteratively to improve and refine ideas. We apply our Service Design and UX expertise to develop designs that are both customer centric and technically viable.


4. We create and deliver a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with just enough features to satisfy early customers and provide feedback for future product development.


5. Once the MVP is finalized and test launched, we monitor to validate that our product or service effectively addresses the customer needs. Tracking all metrics provides the feedback and new knowledge necessary to iterate and keep stakeholders in the loop.

Sngular’s Assembly Line Approach Accelerates Innovation

With our Innovation Lab, we have the ability to efficiently turn ideas into MVPs. We:

  • Leverage a multidisciplinary team
  • Work from design through to deployment and validation
  • Have helped leading companies in industries as diverse as banking, retail, energy, healthcare, and telecommunications