Digital Strategy

We create actionable digital strategy by combining our business, operations, and technology experience.

Challenge – Beyond IT Strategy

As many organizations concentrate their digital investments on applying new technologies to existing products, practices, and processes, the term digital strategy is often associated exclusively with IT. Modernizing legacy systems, adding analytics, and enhancing online and mobile experiences are all “must haves” with both competitors and customers becoming more digitally savvy. However, digital strategy is inextricably tied to business strategy and should be woven into every element of the organization—and beyond.

Solution – A Comprehensive Approach

Recognizing that digital strategy is part of business strategy, Sngular:

  • Takes a holistic approach
  • Has teams of experts in every facet of digital
  • Helps clients translate their digital challenge into tangible business models and plans
  • Works closely with clients throughout the process, from the initial digital assessment to building and deploying Minimum Viable Products (MVP)

Specific Capabilities

Digital Challenge

1. We assess an organization’s digital readiness, identify threats and opportunities, and analyze the company’s processes and operations within the context of the rapidly evolving digital environment.

Digital Roadmap

2. We define customer segments and needs; create value propositions and identify requirements; develop channel strategy and stakeholder mapping; and assess new digital opportunities in several key areas of the business, including customer experience, operations, organization, technology, and business models. We create a roadmap, validate MVPs, and create launch and measurement plans.

Digital Operations & Integration

3. We analyze an organization’s existing processes, capabilities, and culture; create and train flexible and collaborative teams; identify key roles; and help put the customer at the heart of the organization to ensure success. With the best-available tools and methodologies, we are fully equipped to measure ROI and identify future growth opportunities.

An App to Savor

Sngular was tasked with helping Spain’s oldest consumer advocacy organization revamp its free wine guide app, targeting non-connoisseurs. We:

  • Designed a simple, user-friendly experience involving a few simple questions
  • Based on answers, immediately provided recommendations appropriate for the food and occasion
  • Achieved a 3.7 star rating in the first 3 months