Agile Transformation

We can help transform an organization’s nature and culture to one of agility.

Challenge – A Delicate Transformation

Increasingly, companies with traditional, plan-driven approaches want to experiment with Agile, eager to increase their business flexibility and responsiveness to change. However, an Agile transformation is not without challenges: breaking through barriers to adoption can be difficult, and changing ingrained ways of thinking and working, as well as the company culture, requires a long-term investment. But when properly implemented and embraced, Agile can launch a company into the future.

Solution – An Experienced Guide for the Journey

100% Agile ourselves, we fully understand and have experienced firsthand the process and how to mitigate its challenges. At Sngular, we partner with our clients to:

  • Implement methods and frameworks that enable an Agile transformation
  • Ensure the journey to gaining true business agility is quick and cost-effective
  • Create a culture that fosters creativity and innovation, empowers people to do their best work, and reduces management layers
  • Provide support from beginning to end

Specific Capabilities

Maturity Model

Our proprietary model measures the level of organizational maturity for key aspects of Agile: adaptation,        self-management, shared priorities, transparency, inspection, and bureaucracy.

Agile Pilot Selection

For organizations new to Agile, our methodology starts with a pilot, helping familiarize teams with Agile processes and terminology, including Scrum, Kanban, Lean Software Development, and Xtreme Programming (XP).

Training & Preparation

We create training programs, carefully customized to each client’s needs, that provide a comprehensive overview of the Agile way of working, from defining roles (such as “product owner” and “scrum master”) to adopting new tools and team dynamics.

Scaling Agile

Once we have successfully completed the initial adoption of Agile competencies, we plan, design, and implement the mechanisms needed to extend and scale throughout the organization. We commonly work with a number of different scaling frameworks, including Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS), Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) and Disciplined Agile (DA).

Organizational Change Management

Sngular partners with clients to provide change management leadership throughout all phases of the process. We create an implementation roadmap and plan out all tasks, including setting up the change management teams, mapping the project sponsors and key stakeholders, creating a communication plan, and project management and measurement. These tasks are added to the Agile model to serve as a real life demo of this way of working.

Agile Coaching

Our Agile coaches have the skills, knowledge, and mindsets to work closely with our clients’ teams. They are certified coaches with real experience in all phases of software development.

Bringing Agile to a Business School

When a school faculty sought to create an agile environment, the challenge was to introduce the concept to a non-tech organization, without creating culture shock.

  • Sngular applied a change management methodology, starting with a small group of early adopters, and identifying a suitable project within specific parameters
  • In 3 months our Agile Coaches were able to pilot the first agile project, allowing the team to become familiar with Agile processes, dynamics, and pillars
  • The team of early adopters became a vector of change, spreading Agilism throughout the organization