Agile Co-Located Teams

We leverage our highly skilled technical talent across geographies to maximize efficiencies.

Challenge – Technical Skills in Short Supply

Many companies lack the technical talent with the skill sets required to address highly transformational technology projects. However, outsourcing to large IT consulting or offshoring firms oftentimes provides volume and even speed, but not the quality or the level of technical expertise required.

Solution – A Proprietary Model for Distributed Talent

To provide clients with better pricing, project scalability, and turnaround times––delivered by highly skilled teams––we created our own distributed Agile team model. Based on each client’s unique circumstances and goals, we leverage our technical talent in the various markets in which we operate, ensuring that the right people, from both a technical and cost-efficiency perspective, are working on the project.

  • Distributed teams in each of the communities where we operate also allow us to tap a deeper talent pool.
  • We consistently attract the best tech talent because we:
    • Are known as a world-class technology solutions provider, working on the most cutting-edge projects in our industry
    • Invest in, and nurture, the local tech ecosystem in the communities where we operate
    • Have earned a reputation for offering our employees a stimulating and collegial work environment

Specific Capabilities

Agile Development

We take on the implementation of agile development both onsite and through offshoring/outsourcing.

Agile QA

By incorporating quality assurance at each stage of a project’s lifecycle, we are well poised to identify issues as early as possible, ultimately cutting costs and saving time.


Agile System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Integration

We cover every stage of the agile testing lifecycle and adapt to client-developed tests, including strategy, plans, automation, and deployment.

Metrics and SLAs

We monitor our teams through quality assurance systems and SLAs, applying such indicators as percentage of completion, concentration factor, and unit testing.


We adapt sprints to fit both the project’s specifications and the people involved, improving the process iteratively.

Co-locating Teams for Major US Bank

Sngular helped a top 25 US bank leverage co-located development teams in the US and Spain.

  • An agile co-located team model launched in 2014
  • The project involved +50 sprints and +100,000 dedicated hours
  • The tech environment included Java, Spring, Docker, Jenkins, and Bamboo


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