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Best practices for remote UX Research

COVID-19 has forced many teams to turn from a face-to-face research methodology to working with remote users. We at Sngular Spain Research Team wanted to share our experience in remote qualitative research to help out on this transition, which will probably transcend isolation and confinement to become a ‘new normal’. We hope you find it useful.

What will you find?

  1. Main differences

    What parts of our original plan can you carry out remotely? Which will be a little trickier and require re-thinking? Discover the tips that we have prepared to effectively attract and keep users engagement.

  2. Tech Setup

    In this section, you will see how to moderate remote sessions to make it easier for your participants to jump to digital, and the different tools available. We also share an online digital consent model with the GDPR regulations to be able to send your participants.


Sngular Design Team Spain