The Importance of the well-being of individuals at Sngular

The Importance of the well-being of individuals at Sngular

21 December 2021 - by Javier Menéndez Crespo

It goes without saying that the importance of the talent management department is increasing, since we are seeing that the tendency of people is to look for a job that allows them to be happy and that our well-being is above anything else.

It is true that in the past, well-being was directly related to salary, however today we are fortunate to have given this word a greater meaning.

In saying this, I do not mean that one’s salary is not an important part of our working life, but rather that our time is just as important–whether it is free time or family conciliation time–our comfort when it comes to being able to work from any point of the country or even the world (telecommuting), our career plan, the team around us, social benefits, digital disconnection, etc.

At Sngular, we prioritize people above all else. We want their well-being to be our priority and want them to feel that they are in a place where they can be happy and fully develop, both at work and personally.

At ‘People at Sngular’ we work hard to achieve this, giving priority to making colleagues feel included and listened to with simple initiatives such as follow-ups or different team dynamics, in which, in addition to making them participate in the growth of the company, people can meet other people in the company who are not in the same team or department and more so in these times, in which we are working from home most of the time.

But this is not just the merit of People, since we have managed to be a company in which any person states that they are willing to make an effort for the well-being of their colleagues.

In addition to this, I want to update you on the employee satisfaction (eNPS) tool we are working with at Sngular yielding interesting results. Basically, the function of this tool is to conduct different weekly surveys of people in the company to see how everything is going and what we can improve on. But it doesn't just end here, since in addition to this, they can send messages anonymously about any issue that concerns them, improvement proposals, problems they may have had, etc.

With all this from People (or any interested department) we can see how the workers are and in what aspects we need to improve, since only with the surveys we see a map of the team's mood in which we can see where the singular ones are located.

On the other hand, when the messages arrive, it is People's responsibility to answer each one of them and provide the best possible solution. These types of tools available to small and large companies have managed to bring the worker closer to the company and propose solutions in a more direct way.

Some examples of these actions may be the recommendation of different courses of action to improve the physical and mental state of the company's people, such as conducting time management training, applying guides on teleworking, and surveying to see what is of most concern at the level of well-being, improvement of office spaces, etc.

To conclude, I would like to say that this is just one example of the many frameworks that we use at Sngular. As I said at the beginning, we are fully aware that human capital and its well-being is the most important thing and that we must take care of it. At Sngular, we believe “The most important resource a company has is the human resources.”

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