Tarugoconf, David Bonilla's record-breaking tech event.

Tarugoconf, David Bonilla's record-breaking tech event.

Tarugoconf, which just took place from Oct. 21-23, is one of Spain’s main tech events and has become a yearly appointment for a growing number of people in the tech community. The event, organized by David Bonilla, CEO of Sngular Talent, aims to encourage dialogue and debate around digital product and service design, construction and commercialization.

Under the hashtag #Tarugo21, this year’s event was shared and discussed by more people than ever. It also broke the record for ticket sales. 

Due to the pandemic, many technology events have been postponed or canceled. However, we opted for #Tarugo21 to be a hybrid event, with 40 people at the Sngular Media studio in Madrid combined with a live streaming program. This format seems to have worked. This year, 793 tickets were sold and almost 1,000 people attended online


Why a live event? 

The essence of TarugoConf is networking. It’s a space that fuels relationship building and opportunity sharing among participants. The possibility of holding it live allowed real-time interaction through the event's digital channels and social networks.

At the same time, the streaming platform itself, Brella, allowed people to interact with each other. A total of 848 virtual networking meetings were held throughout the event. 


As a partner, Sngular is proud of #Tarugo21 and all the hard work that went into its production. The Sngular Media team brilliantly executed the live television program viewed by nearly 1,000 people in six hours. There were six video cameras as well as sound and lighting technicians for the interviews, performances and raffles. The team also produced three days of streaming content.

Purposeful content

In this edition, the event's organization focused on offering technology with a purpose-driven vision. The main theme of the conference was the relationship between technology and people, an approach that Sngular shares. 

All this and the conversation generated through the hashtag #Tarugo21 made the event a national trending topic for more than six hours. If we compare the data from other similar events, in a single day, TarugoConf achieved 60% of the reach of the much larger South Summit.


All we can say is that we are proud of the team’s work. To everyone involved, thank you!

We look forward to next year's edition, where we’ll be able to greet each other face to face. 

If you want to get a better idea of the conference, visit the hashtag #Tarugo21.

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