Sngular hailed for uninterrupted service amid pandemic

Sngular hailed for uninterrupted service amid pandemic

The Spain-US Chamber of Commerce Magazine highlights the success of the company’s remote teams

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt companies across the board, the Spain-US Chamber of Commerce in Miami highlighted Sngular for its ability to deliver uninterrupted services to its global clients throughout the crisis.

The article, published in the Spain-US Chamber of Commerce Magazine, pointed out that although Spain was one of the hardest-hit countries in the world by COVID-19, Sngular “did not miss a single deadline for its clients.”

The Spain-US Chamber of Commerce is a 40-year-old organization that works to enhance business ties between Spain, the United States and Latin America.

The article was adapted from a blog post by Alma Miller, Sngular’s Managing Director for the US and Asia Pacific. She was inspired to write it after several clients and competitors asked how Sngular was able to adapt so seamlessly to the unprecedented situation.

Although Sngular’s successful transition was the result of many factors, she highlighted three key characteristics that helped keep the company running smoothly.

Adaptability was defined as the first factor of success and called “most valuable skill set during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

The ability to adapt to new situations runs deep in Sngular’s DNA, according to Miller. Since the company’s work typically revolves around helping clients adapt to changing business environments, its teams are well versed in accepting and adjusting to external curveballs.

The second pillar to Sngular’s success in the times of COVID-19 was reliable infrastructure. “When our competitors were shut out of work, we were able to continue working, seamlessly, from our homes,” Miller explained.

Although Sngular has offices across the world, its headquarters and eight of its regional offices are in Spain, which has one of the best fiber optic cable networks in the world. Spain’s ultra-high-speed broadband network reaches more premises than in France, Germany, the UK and Italy combined, which meant staff were able to work from home with no connectivity problems.

On top of that, all of Sngular’s systems are located in the cloud, which further boosts network reliability.

Scalability was the other main factor that allowed Sngular to not only adapt to the challenges of remote working itself, but help its clients do the same.

As Sngular works around the world, it has been able to “tap into a larger talent pool” and assemble highly skilled teams more quickly than its competitors who operate in fewer markets. Again, this scalability is a tried and tested model for the company, which has been able to assemble remote teams of up to 100 developers in less than a month.

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