Sngular and COVID-19: No Business Interruption Here

Sngular and COVID-19: No Business Interruption Here

Sngular's remote teams continue delivering projects for our clients in the US and Asia through adaptability, reliable infrastructure, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Starting in February 2020, the economies of Western Europe, the US and beyond were brought to a near standstill by the COVID-19 pandemic.

One of the hardest-hit countries was Spain.  Many of Sngular’s remote teams, teams working on projects for clients in the US and Asia, are located throughout Spain and, yet, did not miss a single deadline for their clients.

Many of our clients, and indeed some of our competitors, have asked how we were able to do that. The answer to that question lies in many factors, no doubt.  There are, however, several factors that stand out:


We’re typically hired to work on what our clients describe as “core projects” -- projects that are key to our clients’ ability to adapt to their changing business environments. As a result, our teams are composed of developers who’ve proven themselves willing and able to quickly adapt to new challenges. No skill set was more valuable during the COVID-19 pandemic than our employees’ ability to adapt to dramatically different working conditions.

Reliable infrastructure.

Spain ranks #1 in Europe in the deployment of ultra-fast broadband networks. In a relatively short period, the country’s telecom operators have laid out fiber-optic cables reaching 31 million premises – more than France, Germany, the UK, and Italy combined. In the OECD, only Korea and Japan have more. As a result, when many of our competitors were shut down because their developers could not access ultra-fast broadband, our developers, despite being quarantined at home, we're able to continue working without interruption. Beyond that, all our systems are located in the cloud, thus we do not depend on local network providers for connectivity. When our competitors were shut out of work, we were able to continue working, seamlessly, from our homes.


We have eight regional offices throughout Spain. This has allowed us to tap into a larger talent pool than competitors whose offices are located in one or two cities. Because we’re not subject to the talent shortages that face our competitors who operate in fewer markets, we’ve been able to more quickly assemble highly skilled teams for our clients who, during this pandemic, have had to deal with unexpected technology challenges. Historically, we’ve been able to set up remote teams of 5, 15, 25 and up to 100 developers in as little as three weeks.

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