SNGULAR + BrowserStack: An alliance to improve QE processes across devices

SNGULAR + BrowserStack: An alliance to improve QE processes across devices

When we work with other companies to find specific technological solutions, we count on partners to help ensure that we add as much value as possible. Our partners aren’t always massive companies with a huge catalog of services. Sometimes, they come in the form of highly specialized companies that offer precisely the solutions we need. 

“Early error detection wards off reputational damage and prevents business goals from being compromised.”

Francisco Moreno, QE Reference Leader at SNGULAR

That’s just what we’ve found with Browserstack, which is super-specialized in automating tests across browsers, operating systems and real devices. It’s been the perfect partner to help us develop an automatic verification and testing system for eCommerce businesses.

“SNGULAR and BrowserStack share the same objective—providing seamless and relevant user experience through technology and we’re thrilled to partner with them,” said Sunil Jose, EVP, Global Sales at BrowserStack. “We’re growing our partner ecosystem to help more teams ship quality software and SNGULAR is a welcome addition to this.”

“Early error detection wards off reputational damage and prevents business goals from being compromised,” said Francisco Moreno, QE Reference Leader at SNGULAR. And Browserstack has been a key part of the project that helps catch errors before they turn ugly. 

“This alliance helped us bring differential value to our clients,” said Juan Monzón, Head of Partnerships at SNGULAR. That’s because it allows us to propose concrete tech solutions to enhance QE processes in a wide range of projects. 

What is BrowserStack?


BrowserStack is the world's leading software testing platform powering over two million tests every day across 15 global data centers. BrowserStack helps Tesco, Shell, NVIDIA, Discovery, Wells Fargo, and over 50,000 customers deliver quality software at speed by moving testing to their Cloud. Their platform provides instant access to 2,500+ real mobile devices and browsers on a highly reliable cloud infrastructure that effortlessly scales as testing needs grow. With BrowserStack, Dev and QA teams can move fast while delivering an amazing experience for every customer. Founded in 2011, BrowserStack is a privately held company backed by Accel, BOND Capital, and Insight Partners with offices in San Francisco, New York, Mumbai, and Dublin.

What makes BrowserStack such an attractive partner is that it opens the door to automated testing for  websites and native (iOs and Android) apps  on real devices. Learn more about the platform works here.


It can be extremely helpful to include BrowserStack’s products in QA protocols by default. That’s why this alliance unlocks huge potential, making the solutions that SNGULAR offers to its clients even faster and more efficient than before. 

A practical application in eCommerce testing

Few websites come with as many quality and user experience challenges as big eCommerce ones. These challenges alone make eCommerce websites the perfect place to develop new and better testing protocols. 

With the help of BrowserStack, we developed an automated testing system that validates shopping experiences on eCommerce websites by simulating the actions of real users. Of course, users can be on a huge range of browsers, devices or operating systems, so we rely on the BrowserStack platform to run tests from basically all of them. It's no surprise that this allows us to dramatically increase the speed and coverage of the tests, which at the same time allows us to develop experiences that are much better adapted to each user. 

Success story: Automatic verification of e-commerce experiences 

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