Sngular and PS21 create the first community around VUI in Spain

Sngular and PS21 create the first community around VUI in Spain

Sngular and PS21, a creative agency, have come together to create the first community dedicated to investigate the technological and business possibilities of voice user interfaces in Spain. This initiative aims to create a community with companies, developers, designers, and linguists to understand the potential of this emerging technology.

The primary objective of VoiceXLab is to analyze this technology from communication, marketing, and experience design perspective. With this initiative, Sngular and  PS21 want to identify business opportunities, establish design principles that can be replicated to create new products and services on voice interfaces, that can be taught at business schools or used to build brand identity.

Under this umbrella, both companies will be organizing a series of conferences and workshops held in Sngular’s offices in Madrid, Barcelona, and Seville. Mahou San Miguel has joined this initiative.

“Since the late seventies a ‘corpus’ of knowledge has been created around the interaction between people and computers (HCI); however, the discipline of designing interaction between a person and artificial intelligence requires development. The purpose of VoiceXLab is to create a community around the voice to be able to develop good practices, methodologies, and processes, and share that knowledge” explains Carlos Guardiola, Chief Innovation Officer at Sngular.

On the other hand, Jacobo Pérez, Creative Technology Director of PS21, points out that “from the point of view of applied creativity, we have seen how brands have been creating their voice, at first in a unidirectional way in traditional advertising and later in a bidirectional way with the arrival of social media. With the democratization of Voice-Enable Smart Assistants, companies face the challenge of designing a voice (literally) and dialogue of truth”.

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