Sngular Advisors Team: José Manuel Calderón

Sngular Advisors Team: José Manuel Calderón

José Manuel Calderón joined Sngular to teach the company’s team and clients what he’s learned about teamwork, excellence, and adaptability throughout his incredible professional career. 

Today, he continues his work as a Sngular Advisor alongside other board members like Julián de Cabo, member of the International Advisory Board at Bonial International Group; Luis Estrada, who has held roles of CEO and president to define long to mid-term strategies, financial plans and competitive advantages as well as to steer the acquisition of banks and strategic companies; Félix Lozano, founder and CEO of TeamLabs; Nerea Torres, CEO of Siemens Logistics Spain; Alfonso Alcántara, psychologist, coach and public communicator; and Borja Adsuara, who lends his expertise in law, strategy and digital communication. 

We talked to him about the different initiatives he has launched from Sngular over the last year and how they’ve impacted the organization.

"It was also a challenge, and I really like challenges"

How did your relationship with Sngular come about? What made you decide to collaborate with a company in a sector so different from the one you came from?

The relationship began thanks to José Luis and Manuel. They contacted me, and we met to chat in my hometown of Villanueva de la Serena, which also happens to be where José Luis is from too. 

I gave them an idea of what I wanted to do after my career as a basketball player, and they told me, in a few minutes, what Sngular was all about.

From there, I thought it could be a great opportunity to collaborate with a great team in a different sector. I thought I had something to contribute. 

It was also a challenge, and I really like challenges.

You are currently involved in internal training, helping Sngulars improve their well-being and team leadership skills. How do you expect this relationship with Sngular to continue?

I think the important thing is to feel useful. I find myself more and more comfortable sharing my experiences as a professional athlete and trying to adapt them to this sector. I hope to continue to help Sngular grow.

Have you been able to meet with the rest of the advisors? Can you give us an idea of what is being cooked up in these Sngular forums? 

I hope that what is to come is something positive. I think that such a diverse group is very important to have since they hold different points of view about what Sngular has to do to ensure it remains a place where people want to be.

" I find myself more and more comfortable sharing my experiences as a professional athlete and trying to adapt them to this sector"

What do you think are SNGULAR's main strengths?

I sincerely believe that the relationships, the culture, and putting people first make Sngular different. It makes the team stronger, better and more attractive to outsiders.

As someone who has spent many years in elite sports, who has worked on high-pressure teams and helped people make the most of themselves, what do you think we can improve as an organization?

There are always things that can be improved, but I think there is an excellent base. So far, what the company has done has been very good.

We have to keep working and listening to the feedback that our colleagues give us to keep adapting.

With the experience you have now, if you could go back and give some advice to your younger self, what would you say?

To keep working on what I believe in because it can be achieved. That even though there are days when things don't work out, you have to keep looking forward and getting better every day.

"  You have to keep looking forward and getting better every day"

In addition to your role as Advisor, you belong to the Sngular Media Team and you talk to relevant people on UNIQ.  What can you tell us about this experience?

It's been a beautiful and fun experience.  As I mentioned before, I love challenges, and this was a totally new one for me. I have the opportunity to talk with very interesting people, and that is something unique.

As a Sngular Advisor, what message would you like to send to the team? 

My advice is to always try to be a little bit better every day, in any aspect of life, and that communication is key to making things work.

José Manuel Calderón


José Manuel Calderón began his career in the world of professional sports more than 20 years ago. He was part of the Spanish national basketball team that won the 2006 World Cup in Japan and the 2011 Eurobasket Champions League. 

He was the fourth Spaniard to play in the NBA, and he became the first to win the playoffs in 2007. With a 98.1% success rate (151/154) in the 2008-2009 season, he also holds the record for the best free throw percent in an NBA regular season.

Since 2009 he has collaborated with UNICEF as a Spanish Committee Ambassador. He has also been an advisor to SNGULAR since 2020. Although now retired from the NBA, José Manuel is still linked to the association as the Special Assistant to the Executive Director of the NBA Players Association.

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