Today’s challenges

  • Optimizing digital transformation

    With the pandemic accelerating online access, digitization of museums needs to offer more than  virtual tours and online catalogs. Digital technologies breathe new life into museums’ content, delighting and inspiring visitors through interactive, personalized experiences. This has seen museums shift from content providers to content creators, telling stories and connecting with the public in an entirely new way.

  • Taking museums virtual

    AR and VR help museums expand their reach to global audiences. Through the power of 5G, art lovers around the world can browse virtual exhibits, learn about artworks through immersive gaming experiences or join livestreamed tours and ask questions in real time. Creative use of tech will open the door to almost endless virtual possibilities.

  • Competing with entertainment platforms

    Museums are vying for consumers’ attention in a sea of entertainment options. Gamification is one way traditional institutions can compete. By making dense or complex content more accessible, interactive and fun, they can inform, inspire and challenge previously untapped audiences – and leave them wanting more.

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