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Our Teams

Within Region 1, we have clearly defined Teams. Each team is multidisciplinary but focuses on a particular area or sector within our business landscape. The teams in this region are:


Sngular Studios focuses on creating spaces where technological innovation fuses with creative multimedia. It applies specialized visuals to create tailor-made dynamic products that center around user experience. Sngular Studios is born out of the company's technological diversity and creativity. It's also a natural consequence of the new challenges the market presents in specific areas like gamification, visual design, mixed reality, and technological marketing. This team has helped us become technological leaders and visionaries when it comes to creating visual multimedia and interactive experiences. Currently, Sngular Studios is home to several groups specialized in Video Games, Museums & Events, VR/AR Immersive Reality, and Tech Marketing.

Fernando de Rada is the director of Sngular Studios. He's in charge of helping companies make the most out of videogames and cutting-edge immersive technologies. If you want to learn more about his professional journey, you can check out hisprofile on our website.


Sngular AI is our team focused on creating solutions based on Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. It's from this team that we help our clients take advantage of the power of AI to create new and improved services and experiences. Besides that, here we use data to help transform traditional organizations and give them a competitive edge in the market.

José Luis Calvo is the director of Singular AI. He's led exceptionally important projects in the field of AI such as the creation of Alfred, Sngular's virtual assistant that we use to help our teams with administrative work. He also developed Sngular's proprietary platform Corex. If you want to learn more about his trajectory, youcan read his bio here.


Sngular Design is the team that helps large organizations solve strategic problems using methodologies and design processes. This is our hub of Human-Centered Design – where we put people at the center of everything that we think about and our design process. By doing this, we create new opportunities, products, experiences, and services from an innovative mindset. In a nutshell, it helps people and organizations design better futures.

Emilio Calvo is the director of Sngular Design and the company's Chief Digital Officer. He has more than 20 years of experience in product design and development. He's known for leading high-performance teams that carry out complex tasks. If you're interested in learning more about his role and professional path, you canread more about him here.

s|Cognitive Industry

Sngular Cognitive Industry is the team specialized in offering industrial solutions to clients. We use the possibilities provided by SW, IoT, robotics, advanced artificial vision, customized HW development, process automation, and any other technology relevant to industries, to offer our clients a unique solution to help them gain efficiency. We provide turnkey solutions and work with partners to complement our capabilities when a project requires it.

Ignacio Altube is the Director of the Cognitive Industry Team. His previous experience of more than 25 years in industrial clients in different responsibilities and sectors, allows him to translate their needs into solutions. He has designed the Cognitive Industry Methodology that reduces the time to the offer and facilitates success in this type of project. If you're interested in learning more about his role and professional path, you can read more about him here .


Sngular MarTech is our team focused on combining Marketing and Technology to help the marketing and business departments to identify, define and implement different market solutions to achieve a relevant, sustainable, and agile brand that responds to the demands of today's consumers. From recruitment to loyalty, the team design architectures and combine tools to generate relevant experiences that deliver results based on customer knowledge and the emotional impact generated in each of their interactions with the brand.

David Lastra is the director of Sngular MarTech. With more than 20 years of professional experience in different sectors, David has led important Marketing Transformation projects, combining several CRM solutions, campaign automation, eCommerce, customer data platforms, etc. If you want to know more about his professional career, check out his profile on our website.