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What about the Chief Happiness Officer (CHO)?

At Sngular, happiness is synonymous with strategy. In other words, our strategy is to make every single member of our team as happy as possible. This happiness, in turn, transfers onto our clients.

Leaving aside the temporary joy that can be gained from reaching objectives or getting good results, we associate long-term happiness with the feelings of progress, stability, and growth. We believe that making sure we offer opportunities and interesting challenges is key.

Fostering an environment of trust and opportunities is one of our top priorities. We want each person to thrive and develop professionally in whatever way is best suited to them.

Achieving this long-term goal of happiness isn't necessarily easy or straightforward. It can't be achieved by checking off boxes on a list and really comes from all the little things – positive attitudes, smiles, a sense of humor, and day-to-day activities that help create a sense of serenity and wellbeing.

We truly hope that our strategy will help everyone find not only professional happiness but also a sense of personal contentment that trickles down to friends and families.

To help us with these objectives, we created the figure of the Chief Happiness Officer (CHO) in 2016. Above all, the CHO keeps close tabs on the whole company to ensure that no matter how fast we grow, Sngular always has the culture, procedures, and game rules that encourage professional happiness.

At times, the CHO can be found implementing communication, transparency, or procedural dynamics that help reinforce our culture of trust. Other times, the CHO may be identifying and eliminating any obstacles that may prevent our team members from evolving or developing within the company. No matter what the activity, the CHO is a person and a role that always prioritizes the happiness of our people.

This person is a facilitator, coordinator, and promoter of initiatives that are developed throughout the company. The figure of CHO is also occupied by different people at different times so that the role can be enriched by the experiences of different styles, personalities, and skills.

The CHO doesn't have to be the funniest, happiest, or most extroverted person at Sngular. But the role should always be filled by someone who is sensitive to the needs, worries, and dreams of the entire team.