Sngular design

Our History

Singular People was founded in 2014, bringing together a group of companies specialized in different technology services (software, cloud, artificial intelligence, mobility, eCommerce) and creativity (digital marketing, user experience). All these companies shared common experiences in multiple customers and, above all, a common culture based on talent development as a competitive advantage.

In 2015, Sngular as a brand was established, and the teams and capacities of all these companies merged into a single organization with a vocation to develop and strengthen all the necessary skills to offer clients the ability to take on more relevant and innovative projects.

The consequences of this mix of technical capabilities are particularly positive in terms of the type of projects and new industries in which Sngular has entered, as well as in the technical skills that Sngular has developed. Between 2016 and 2018, teams specialized in Virtual Reality, Internet of Things, Advanced Interface Design, BigData, Blockchain… were added, and thanks to the combination of skills, more and more relevant and transformative projects were initiated in new clients. Today, since Sngular was founded in the summer of 2015, we have managed to double our team, exceeding 640 employees, distributed and working as one team in 14 cities in 5 countries (USA, Spain, Mexico, Singapore, and Chile).