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What do we do in the different countries where we operate?

The longer we’ve been in a country, the more time we’ve had to develop our professional network. Therefore, the variety of skills and services we can offer is quite dependent on the time we've spent in any given market.

Sngular was founded in Spain by companies who had worked in the market for over 20 years. Consequently, this is where we offer the largest variety of services, skills, or DKCs and have the greatest diversity in terms of clients and sectors. We currently work for over 90 different clients in Spain from our seven offices in the cities of Badajoz, Caceres, Cordoba, Madrid, Oviedo, Barcelona, and Seville. As of mid-2019, we had 450 employees here.

We started working in the USA in 2013 and by mid-2019 the team was 80-people-strong. Here, our main offices are in Atlanta, Birmingham, Boston, Dallas, and Pittsburgh but we also have a presence in other cities like Miami, which is where Alma Miller, our Managing Director for Region 3 lives. Sngular USA's main clients are large financial organizations for whom we develop strategic projects.

We've been in Mexico since 2012. Halfway through 2019, we had a team of around 110 people. Here, virtually all of our digital capabilities are represented. In Mexico, we work for around a dozen large clients from the financial, insurance, and distribution centers. All of our clients are based in Mexico City which is also where we've located our only office in the country.

In 2018, we started our activity in Chile, and in 2019 we started to work with several new clients. Initially, this team was supported by our colleagues in Spain and Mexico.

In 2019, we started to work in Singapore for a commercial airline. That same year we opened an office there – our first in Asia. The majority of the work for Singapore is carried out from Spain.

We are strongly committed to fostering cooperation and strong relationships between our global offices. Our commercial activity is synchronized at a global level and we promote as much geographic mobility as possible. We hope that all of our team members who are interested in gaining global experience can do so with us.

Our porous borders help us to maintain our unique culture at a global level, transfer know-how and skills between territories and allow us to offer a wider range of services and expertise to our clients. Having teams that are able to scale-up and take on ambitious projects, even if they don't have enough local talent, gives Sngular a competitive edge. We are used to working across borders or remotely. It really doesn't faze us. Even if we aren't physically together, we have years of experience and understand how to deliver excellent customer service and agile responses from several international locations at once.