Sngular design

Who are our clients?

In 2018, we carried out projects for a total of 120 different clients.

80% of these clients are large companies (organizations that have thousands of employees, and, in some cases, hundreds of thousands of employees).

15% of our clients are medium-sized businesses that show potential for growth in emerging sectors or business models.

5% of our clients are startups. With them, we focus on new technologies or innovative work methodologies. Here, we use proof of concept testing that allows us to explore market opportunities and best practices that could be scaled up to larger businesses.

Sometimes, Sngular takes on risk by investing its own resources into projects. This can be done in the form of capital investment, providing services, creating joint ventures, or launching spin-offs for which we find partners specialized in a particular business.

We've also launched several projects that started from the initiatives of Sngulars who have gone on to become partners for specific products, services, or companies.