Creating Sngular's Blue Book

Creating Sngular's Blue Book

Although many stories begin with “once upon a time,” Sngular’s Blue Book derives from multiplicities. It is a book that straddles the past, present, and future. Though it may appear to be a simple manual, the Blue Book is, in a way, very much alive. 

It holds the keys to understanding the Sngular ecosystem – what it is, how it works and what it aspires to be. Constantly updated by the Sngular People and Cultural teams, the Blue Book is the result of open discussions that have shifted alongside the company’s diverse growth.

It provides a common platform of understanding for current or prospective staff, regardless of location, seniority, technical discipline or project.

“The Blue Book not only allows everyone in Sngular to have a book where they can consult all the issues related to their day-to-day work but also helps us attract new talent by giving candidates the chance to get acquainted with the company in an honest and transparent way,” said Elena Yepes, Sngular’s Chief People Officer for Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

This manual aims to be a reference point across the board. It includes everything from basic information about the most simple, straightforward tasks to more abstract concepts that are infused into daily life at the company.

“Sngular’s Blue Book contains the values that move our organization – people at the core, a taste for technology, an agile spirit and joy from doing the things we love,” explained Daniel González Rico, Head of Operations and People for USA and Asia-Pacific (APAC).

For Gabriela Bárcenas, Sngular’s People coordinator in Mexico, its ability to distill all the information related to the Sngular culture is highly relevant, especially when talent is being incorporated all over the world.

Furthermore, Elena adds that by writing down Sngular’s core characteristics, goals, and principles, the company doubles down on its commitments and provides clear direction to everyone involved. 

“The Blue Book is a powerful stimulus to continue improving this company,” she said. 

The Blue Book was released to the entire Sngular team in September 2019 in Spanish. In April 2020, it was published in English. This release achieved an average penetration of 90% among the Sngular employees.

The publication of the Blue Book came at a key moment, added Daniel. “It’s no secret. It’s what works for us, what we like, and what makes us Sngular. We are very proud of it.” 

The Blue Book was published through the Bonilista newsletter in June 2020 and is available on the Sngular website.

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