Here is what you can expect

Full Remote

We partner with our clients and expand our footprint in the US to become a fully remote company.



- Do you like Udemy? Do you use it as part of your training? Well, we provide our team members with unlimited access to Udemy.

 - Interested in obtaining technical certifications? Well, we cover the exam fees and, if you pass, you’re eligible for an additional bonus.

 - Don’t have the money to pursue professional development programs that you feel will make you a better team member? We won’t let that get in the way of your development: We provide our team members with a yearly stipend for professional development.



Worried about whether you’ll fit in and learn the ropes quickly enough? 

Fret not. Our People team will accompany you every step of the way during your first three months with us to ensure you settle in smoothly.

Mentoring and communication

Concerned about staying up to date on company news and getting to know your fellow team members in this day and age of WFH?

We are too. That’s why we regularly publish a newsletter with all sorts of timely and relevant information about Sngular and host a monthly “all hands” virtual meeting for Sngular US’ team members (we call it “SUMA”). In addition, we also provide our team members with spaces to connect virtually with each other in an informal environment to talk about whatever may be of interest to them.

Extra bonuses

Have a friend who might be interested in Sngular?

If after joining Sngular you agree with us that this is a great place to work, you will get a bonus for referring your friend to us. We also offer bonuses for writing articles in our blog, being a speaker at internal and external events, and helping others with training.

International projects

Does an international team appeal to you?

Our distributed teams work from the US, Mexico, Chile, Spain, Portugal, Uruguay, UAE, and Singapore, providing our team members with the opportunity to collaborate on ever more interesting cross-border projects.

Download a detailed benefit factsheet for each of our regions

Region 1- EMEA

Detailed descriptions of employee benefits in Europe and Middle East.

Region 2- LATAM

Detailed descriptions of employee benefits in México y Latin América.

Region 3- USA & APAC

Detailed descriptions of employee benefits in North América y South East Asia.