Proyecto GAIA


Make your mark on people, not on the planet

Build your responsible digital presence with solutions designed to benefit your business and the planet.

Lead the Change

We wouldn't think of going to the beach and littering the sand because we have a consciousness about nature and our relationship with it. So, why don't we apply this as digital professionals? Probably because we don't see or touch the impact of what we do, just screens and keyboards.

At SNGULAR, we work to generate that digital awareness. Our mission is to make you bigger. Empower and accompany you to evaluate and enhance the positive impact of your project and its profitability. We are the catalysts for change, transforming those who transform.

Sustainable companies report up to 79% more competitiveness

  • Positive impact to reach high-value customers

    Increase the average value of your ticket and connect with new customers who are conscious about sustainability.

  • Boost your profitability with renewable resources

    The competition for limited resources is intensifying, and production costs are rising. Take the opportunity to launch new, profitable, long-lasting businesses.

  • Get actionable impact solutions in 3 months

    Strategies on paper often encounter a harsh reality. We work with code to get results in three months, maximizing our commitment and your investment.

  • Lead projects that make an impact

    You define where you want to go, we offer you the technology, data, and experience to move forward confidently towards profitable projects that contribute to our people and planet.


GAIA Impact Index

GAIA Impact Index

Make decisions that maximize your positive impact and measure if your impact is relevant with GII.

Strategy & Lean Impact Innovation

Strategy & Lean Impact Innovation

New digital products and services with impact.

Planet Centric Design

Planet Centric Design

Reduce the environmental impact from the design phase.

Efficient Testing

Efficient Testing

Optimize inefficiencies in your developments improving your environmental impact and costs.



Improve your infrastructure outcomes at a lower cost.

AI Augmented Coding & LLM Compaction

AI Augmented Coding & LLM Compaction

Clean development with our AI assistant and efficient algorithms.

Latest projects

GRINT, efficiently manage your green footprint

We developed, along with Naturgy, a platform to centralize the energy information of an organization or company. With the goal of helping any company achieve its decarbonization objectives, the platform offers a dashboard that facilitates more sustainable and efficient decision-making about energy consumption, maximizing savings, and simplifying energy processes.

The neobank focused on the health of the customer and the planet

Abanca aimed to create a digital service from scratch focused on customers who are responsible with the environment. We worked together on the definition, design, development, and production, creating a solution in record time with an efficient Net Zero design and development, and a gamification that improves the conditions for those customers who meet physical activity goals. Additionally, 25% of the profits from card payments are donated to Gravity Wave.



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