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  • Sarah's story

    UX research director Sarah Rink’s career has been a model of adaptability. Now heading up our Design Research team, Sarah started out as a journalist, covering everything from economics to elections in her native Brazil. Europe beckoned in the mid-noughties as the digital conversation was hotting up, and Sarah realized something – she could use her natural urge to question everything and help companies make better decisions by understanding people’s behavior and motivations. 

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  • José's story

    Basketball star to tech guru might seem like a radical jump, but José Calderón’s appointment as a Sngular advisor makes perfect sense. Since the ex NBA star joined us in 2020, he’s proven the parallels between the competitive, fast-paced worlds of pro sports and tech solutions make him perfect for the job.


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  • César's story

    Sngular’s CEO César Camargo is the spearhead of our adaptive ethos. Now responsible for overseeing the company’s core operations across eight countries, Madrid-born Cesar started out as a simple software engineer. While coders might not seem like natural CEOs, César’s background actually makes him the very model of an adaptive leader.



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Adaptive Advantage

Working with Agile Connected Teams

Beyond Geographical Boundaries

We mobilize the right people and the right tech for our clients, wherever they are in the world.


By building rapid remote teams, we leverage our highly skilled technical talent across continents, so clients have access to a huge talent pool.


From the USA to the UAE, Singapore to Spain, our remote teams bring fast, scalable help where and how it’s needed – regardless of geographic boundaries.


The result? High-quality, adaptive solutions, as unique as the problems they solve.

    Adaptable Models

    We build Agile Connected Teams in multiple models – adapted and combined for every project to suit each client’s individual needs.


    As well as onshore, nearshore or offshore sourcing models, we can create bespoke models, so the right technical talent is in the right place for the right project.

    We also offer a BOT (Build, Operate, Transfer) sourcing model where Sngular builds and manages an outsourced unit and then transfers the entire operation to the client.


    Whatever the model, there’s always someone on the ground with the client to manage the entire process.


    Onshore: Your team is in the same country.


    Nearshore: Your team is in a neighbouring country, so a client in the US will have a team in Mexico and a UK-based project will have developers in Spain, for example.


    Offshore: Your team is in a country with a different time zone – a project in Singapore will be handled in Spain or the US.


    Hybrid: A combination of any of the above models

      Why we’re different

      • Flexible

        With eight regional offices in Spain and one in Mexico City, we can quickly assemble teams of flexible capacity from a large talent pool. This helps us offer our clients even better prices.

      • Fast

        Many of our remote teams are in Spain, the European leader in ultra-fast broadband. And our fully cloud-based systems mean we’re not limited by local network connectivity.

      • Transparent

        Our developers aren’t faceless cogs in a machine. Sngular’s clients are in regular contact with every developer working on their projects. We also commit upfront to SLAs and KPIs and give our clients real-time visibility of our progress.

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