A global ecosystem of talent and technology

Sngular is an ecosystem of technology and talent that develops transformation projects for companies and professionals seeking to adapt with advantage to an ever-changing environment.


With more than 20 years of experience, Sngular develops technology and innovation projects globally for leading companies in the sectors that drive transformation and innovation, such as Banking, Pharma, Energy, Retail, Health, Industry, Telco and Entertainment. But it also offers activities focused on the development of professionals such as its talent agency or radical learning projects.


Sngular currently employs more than 1000 people in 8 countries (Spain, United States, México, Singapore, Chile, Uruguay, United Arab Emirates and Portugal), where it has 20 offices. In this global context, its greatest strength is its ability to build distributed teams that respond to projects anywhere in the world.

Our core values:

  • Start-up mindset

    We never lose our restless curiosity and energy.

  • Non-standard approaches

    Every project is a fresh opportunity to build better.

  • Growing and evolving

    We never stand still, we constantly adapt to and drive change.

  • Unique people

    Out talent sets us apart, unified by our uniqueness.

  • Learning constantly

    We embrace new challenges and possibilities.

  • Adaptive agility

    Open minds and open solutions, as unique as the problems they solve.

  • Resourceful and responsive

    We find the way. We make it happen. Fast.

Fighting for a better world

Until recently, our connections with the causes we care about have come and gone. But we knew we needed something more stable, more impactful. If our technology, methodology and talent can help businesses, it can help the NGOs fighting for a better world. 


That’s why we decided to join the Hazloposible Foundation’s board of trustees. They offer a channel that connects us with thousands of not-for-profit organizations.


Together, we are facilitating access to new technologies, digitizing processes and offering training and support. To ensure success, we are building a hub of technological capabilities that connects people in the Sngular talent ecosystem with the organizations that need them.