We combine talent and technology to solve challenges that are yet to come.

We are an organism that responds to challenges with agility. In every industry, every company, every career and society as a whole.

We attract and inspire the best digital talent. We believe the talent of teams is what ultimately leads to success. 

What we are

Who we are

    Jose Luis Vallejo

    President & Founder

    Alma Miller


    Cesar Camargo

    Global CEO

    Amaya Lasa

    Organizational Excellence Director

    Ignacio Garcia


    Sarah Rink

    Research Director

    Raquel Araujo

    Head of Digital Health

    David Bonilla

    Manfred CEO

    Farid Fleifel


    Agustin Cuenca

    SngularTeamlabs Director

    Mar Consul

    Media Director

    Arturo Govea


Where we are


Channeling our team’s drive to make the world a better place

The people who make up SNGULAR have consistently shown their desire to contribute where it is most needed in society.

In recent months,  we have harnessed our technology and enthusiasm to tackle some of our greatest challenges through projects such as #Aplanalacurva, #Juntosdesdecasa and Aula Conecta.

Fighting for a better world

Until recently, our connections with the causes we care about have come and gone. But we knew we needed something more stable, more impactful. If our technology, methodology and talent can help businesses, it can help the NGOs fighting for a better world. 



That’s why we decided to join the Hazloposible Foundation’s board of trustees. They offer a channel that connects us with thousands of not-for-profit organizations.



Together, we are facilitating access to new technologies, digitizing processes and offering training and support. To ensure success, we are building a hub of technological capabilities that connects people in the SNGULAR talent ecosystem with the organizations that need them.